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Priceless Treasures in Zendikar

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Priceless Treasures in Zendikar

Post by grungyboy on Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:15 pm

- some store owner from Ohio opened a Zendikar pack and he got a
Candelabra of Tawnos inserted upside down..this was a replacement for a
supposed basic land card you get from the pack...he is is risking his
business credibility here and being sued by Wizards if this is just a
hoax...the picture shows the candelabra is sleeved and the posters
there are questioning the storeowner if it is true then why the card is
sleeved...the storeowner replied he sleeved it afterwards as he knows
the card is valuable so he sleeved it...also, Evan Erwin from the
Magicshow posted he phoned the storeowner and he is confirming this is
a possible

http://forums.mtgsalvation.com/showthread.php?t=186720 - a moderator at MTGSalvation confirmed the following:


So far people have opened (or said to have opened)

-Underground Sea
-Mox Diamond
-Lion's Eye Diamond
-Ancestral Recall
and of course, Candelabra of Tawnos.

About two minutes from this writeup, I received a PM confirming that
places in France opened a Taiga and Mox Diamond, so this is a worldwide
promotion. I trust the source, (as they have provided legitimate info
in the past) but then again, I also trusted the other cases of this
I also had gotten a PM from someone else I trust last night saying that
he heard rumblings of a 'big reveal' type deal that was going to happen
soon, and he believed this to be it.

Few things to make SURE everyone doesn't spam:

-Tourney rules
have been updated to clarify that cards opened in packs not belonging
to that set aren't limited legal, and if deck swaps are done, you keep
the cards not belonging to the set.

-The cards replace the basic land in the pack

-We don't know the exact rarity of this happening, but one member
opened a box and got TWO. (might have been a statistical fluke)

-This doesn't break the reserve list because these are existing copies
of the cards inserted into packs. It doesn't technically put more into
circulation...just recirculates cards.

-The cards are ONLY LEGAL in the format they are legal in already. I'm guessing these are all eternal format cards.

-It appears that the qualifier for these cards is...they are on the reserve list.

Also on the thread someone (i forgot who) posted he heard from a
reliable source that there are "rumblings" of a surprised announcement
by Wizrds in the coming weeks...

Wrap up: the Priceless
Treasures described in Zendikar's tag line "Dangerous perils, priceless
Treasures" are in fact cards that are on the reserved list!!!

I personally believe that Wizards did this to boost up sales and to
answer the question of players (especially from the Eternal Formats)
about the issue of the supply of Power in circulation as proxy cards
are hurting the Vintage scene and is losing more players...

I hope this is true as this is the answer everyone is looking for...so enjoy your Zendikar Pre-release!!!!!
Hungry Peon
Hungry Peon

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Re: Priceless Treasures in Zendikar

Post by grungyboy on Tue Sep 29, 2009 3:55 pm

to see is to believe:

Hungry Peon
Hungry Peon

Taurus Rat
Age : 34
Location : Taiga, Stomping Grounds, Gruul Turf

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